Dahlia Set of 6 cutter from Suzanne Esper.

Imagined and designed by professional cake artist, Suzanne Esper. Suzanne has many years of experience at the very top of the cake making world and the Suzanne Esper Cake School is one of the world’s top online schools for all things cakey and sugarcraft.

Superior quality food grade British stainless steel cutters with precise cutting edges.

Suitable to use with flower modelling paste, gum paste and sugarpaste icing.

Measurements (approx.):
Main cutter – 5.5cm (2.25″) x 3cm (1.25″)
Cutter 1 – 3.5cm (1.5″) x 1.25cm (0.5″)
Cutter 2 – 4cm (1.5″) x 1.5cm (0.5″)
Cutter 3 – 5cm (2.25″) x 1.6cm (0.75″)
Cutter 4 – 5.5cm (2.25″) x 1.75cm (0.75″)
Cutter 5 – 6.5cm (2.5″) x 2cm (0.75″)