Round Pie Tray


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Pie tart pan perfect for apple or berry pies. High quality baking pan with non-stick coating.

Dimension : internal upper Ø 23 cm – external 24.2 cm; Ø bottom internal 17.5 cm – external 17.9 cm; h 3.5 cm

3 in stock


Who doesn’t love a slice of pie! 

This pie pan is ideal for both sweet or savoury pies or tarts, the depth of the tray allows for a good amount of filling in your pie. 

Roll out your pastry with a rolling pin, line the bottom of the tray with your pastry. Fill with your filling of choice and top with another layer of pastry. Crimp the edges. 

To give your pie a golden colour brush with an beaten egg to give a crisp golden colour when baked. 



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