The FunCakes agar is a vegetable-based binding agent and a versatile product. It can be used as a replacement for gelatine, only agar has no animal-based ingredients. When you use agar as a substitute for gelatine, you need to slightly adjust your recipe. The powder dissolves in a boiling fluid ( water, milk or cream), after dissolving you can add it to the rest of your dish.

The binding power of agar agar is 4-5 stronger than of gelatine. You can use approximately 8 grams of powder for 1 litre fluid. Agar solidifies at room temperature so your dish doesn’t need to set in the fridge and last from the fridge longer in warm weather. If you use agar agar in products based on milk than we advise to place it in the fridge. Agar agar loses its binding powder after approx. 2 days.

Ingredients: thickener: E406. This product is: Halal certified.

Size: 50g