FMM Easy Peony Cutter


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The FMM Easiest Peony cutter set is a handy cutter set with two cutters that allows you to make peonies quick and easy. Peony flowers are great for decorating cupcakes and cakes. This set also contains a handy cutter for making matching leaves.

With these cutters you can make six sizes of peonies. From a small 30 mm all the way through a large 70 mm peony. The technique for each of these sizes is exactly the same. This makes this cutter not only great for beginners, but is also a real time saving tool for professional decorators.

How to use:
Cut out the shape of fondant and use a frilling tool and work along all the snipped curves, rolling back and forth to create a frilly edge. Brush a line of edible glue in the length of the paste just above the centre line and paste to each other. Carefully roll up the fondant in your hand and fold out the petals. To make larger peonies, add a third strip of petals using the same cutter and method.

This cutter makes peonies from 30 mm up to 70 mm.

Content: 2 petal cutters and 1 leaf cutter (6,5 x 4 cm).

3 in stock


Create beautiful sugar roses using this cutter from FMM. FMM plastic cutters and tools are part of a high quality range of user friendly equipment designed to make professional looking flowers and shapes by following the detailed instructions in each pack.

makes four size roses 20mm, 35mm, 50mm, 70mm.


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